Tools and Meditations

Guided meditation is a powerful and easy way to shift and enhance your energy and to balance your system. These are tools that can help you navigate this very changeful and transformative time. To help you with this I am in the process of adding some videos and audios for your use free of charge. Please have a look through this page and do the one that resonates for you at this moment. Trust yourself. Feel free to repeat any meditation or technique to deepen and amplify its effect.

Ok, this page has more than just guided meditations I just had to add other tips to aid you on your path. Scroll through and enjoy!

Energy Toolkit

Below you will find several videos geared toward helping you to manage and clear your energy during this very transformational time. You can do one as a quick reset or several as a series depending on what you need in the moment. Trust yourself!

While I was creating these videos I did several of them in one sitting and you will see I become more and more relaxed and have a harder and harder time speaking clearly. I believe the techniques are clearly laid out and helpful but if you watch them in order you will see the change in my speaking and articulation. I decided to leave them as they are for your entertainment. I hope you enjoy them!

5 Minute Chakra Clearing

Below you will find the 5 minute chakra clearing. When I did this video I was sitting in the midst of a pine forest overlooking the reservoir. The wind was blowing and it even started snowing a bit which brought a smile to my face. In this video I teach you a simple and very effective breathing technique to quickly and easy release stagnant or blocked energy. You can’t do this too much! It is also quite calming for your nervous system.

For best results notice how your body is feeling before you begin and then again when you are finished. I’m sure you will feel an increased flow of energy. Do this frequently to keep your energy free and clear.

Close your eyes and allow your breath to do its magic!

Chakra Meditation

In this video I guide you through your chakra system helping you to relax and release any energies that are no longer needed. When I say “no longer needed” it means that you have made use of any blocks to your energy. You have learned what you need from your various challenges and obstacles and you are thankful and ready to release this energy. When you release the old you automatically make way for the new. Some say that we are at the beginning of a new age with new energy to carry us forward into a new paradigm – the new earth. Sit back relax and enjoy this journey through your chakras.