Crystal Bed Healing

The Crystal Bed uses seven quartz crystals suspended above your body to clean and balance all of your chakras and realign your entire energy system.

Energy that no longer serves you and lower vibrational energy is easily released resulting  in a powerful  realignment.  Results vary from person to person but often people experience;  increased energy, deep centering, healthy detachment, new perspectives on longstanding issues, increased immune function, decrease in pain, spiritual awareness and  deep relaxation are just a few of the many benefits reported.

This way of working can be especially helpful for therapists, doctors, nurses, healers, mothers and caregivers of all kinds.    Working energetically is a quick, direct way of clearing the energy that you can absorb when you work with others.  If you are feeling lethargic, drained or hyper and anxious when your day is done there is a good chance you have taken on some energy that is not yours.

You will lay under the crystals and let go completely and the energy will do its work.  A typical session lasts about an hour with 20 to 40 minutes under the crystals and we will discuss this before you lie down.  Some people experience a strong sensation of energy moving through their bodies while others have more subtle sensations.

I offer individual crystal bed sessions and sometimes recommend a series of sessions that can be used to target specific problematic or stuck areas of your life.