I am offering intuitive counseling, guidance and energy work to help you confirm and deepen your own source connection and presence. Deeply connecting to the truth of who you are, your essence, is a truly transformative experience. Additionally we may focus on spiritual, psychological and energetic aspects to help you release blocks to your growth and evolution.

When necessary I will work on a sliding scale and I consider this on a case by case basis. Please reach out to me if you would like a session but are experiencing financial hardship at this time.

You may make a payment using PayPal below or you may use Venmo or Zelle all with this email address Please make your payment upon booking.

60 Minute Session via Zoom/FaceTime or In Person

60 Minutes gives you the time you need to discuss an issue in depth.


45 Minute Crystal Bed Healing

We all pick up energy from people and environments and we may not always be aware that we are getting weighed down by it. The crystal bed allows you to rest deeply while clearing your energy and realigning your entire chakra system. If you know that you need energy cleared without counseling then this is the perfect session for you. This can also be combined with counseling for an additional fee.


60 Minute Hands-On Healing

You will come in person to reboot, clear and refresh your energy. People often report feeling lighter, more open and more detached after energy work.


90 Minute Spiritual Counseling and Hands-on-Healing