The Spiritual Living Room

“Your presence beyond ego is the light of this world”  -Mooji

The Spiritual Living Room is a place to amplify our presence and experience that we are so much more than just our physical, emotional and mental bodies.  The group energy automatically draws us deeper into the stillness and silence that we are.   We practice this together so that we can each carry this vibration out into our lives.

So often we get caught up in day to day tasks that take up a majority of our time and energy.  The Living Room allows us to unplug from the usual pace and slow down so that we can  directly  experience our essence.  As we practice presence the energy in the room shifts in a palpable way giving us much needed rest.  In this restful state  we can experience a heightened state of intuition, wisdom, joy and healing.

We meditate together, share and I am available to answer questions that you may have.  Often you will receive individual attention and guidance.

We meet virtually twice a month on Tuesday evening at 7PM

Contact me if you would like more information or to come to our next gathering. Look Below to contribute to help keep the Spiritual Living Room free and to see what people are saying.


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Contribution for The Spiritual Living Room

All contributions are appreciated and no amount is to small. Please feel free to offer an amount that is comfortable for you.


What people are saying….

     Although  I am a practical person who has been meditating their ass off for 20 years, Laura has started me down a spiritual path that I didn’t know was part of my nature. With the input from the empathetic circle of friends of the “Spiritual Living Room”, Laura has offered me a portal into a different world of the spirit, while not neglecting the basics, like how to breathe, and how to center the body and mind. If you need some healing from trauma, Laura will be happy and able to help you with that with her big heart! Can’t go wrong here.  


     Laura’s guidance is invaluable.  She listens on both a human and spirit level and provides insights and perspectives that transcend our usual understanding.  I so much appreciate her loving presence and spiritual leadership.  I found connecting with Laura, both one on one and through her living room, to be an invaluable part of my awakening process.  I’m so grateful for her help and support.  


     The Spiritual Living Room (via zoom) offers me a rare opportunity to sit at home and connect with others who also seek a sense of groundedness during this divisive turbulent time.  The session is open to whomever is interested in attending with no prerequisites. We zoom in from all over, one person was living in the Caribbean. The range of topics and feelings shared are received with respect and non-judgment.  This gathering is led and guided by Laura Malfa, an experienced healer, intuitive, teacher and friend who also introduces relevant thoughts to discuss or just contemplate.    

    After attending my first meeting I felt less isolated, frustrated and a bit more hopeful.  I also realized after meeting these people for the first time we were no longer with strangers and I was looking forward to seeing them in a few weeks.