The Spiritual Living Room

“Your presence beyond ego is the light of this world”  -Mooji

The Spiritual Living Room is a place to amplify our presence and experience that we are so much more than just our physical, emotional and mental bodies.  The group energy automatically draws us deeper into the stillness and silence that we are.   We practice this together so that we can each carry this vibration out into our lives.

So often we get caught up in day to day tasks that take up a majority of our time and energy.  The Living Room allows us to unplug from the usual pace and slow down so that we can  directly  experience our essence.  As we practice presence the energy in the room shifts in a palpable way giving us much needed rest.  In this restful state  we can experience a heightened state of intuition, wisdom, joy and healing.

We meditate together and share and I am available to answer questions.

We meet virtually twice a month on Thursday evening at 7PM

Contact me if you would like more information or to come to our next gathering.

Contribution for The Spiritual Living Room

A donation in any amount is graciously accepted and you may use the link below to contribute through PayPal or you may use Zelle QuickPay or Venmo all with the email address