Hello and Welcome! I just wanted to let you know that I’m opening my doors again and doing both Zoom and in person sessions. Listen to the short video to hear what I’m up to.

What people are saying…

Laura’s intuitive and loving guidance has helped me to get in touch with that part of me that is still, centered and able to see the possibilities of my life’s journey. She shares her knowledge and insights with an open heart whether it is for the group or the individual and I am so blessed to be on this path with her! ~With gratitude, Linda 

At various stages of my life I have attempted to assess who” I” was and what I wanted from my present life.  Dissatisfied, Unhappy!  It seemed I  was always starting over, not quite at the beginning,  but not much closer to where I wanted or thought I should be.  An  insightful  colleague recommended Laura Malfa. And so the  journey to find my Truth began.

 I joined a discussion group, lead by Laura, in which we examined our lives; what worked and what didn’t. Over the years,  Laura’s commitment  to her own spiritual path plus her willingness to not only teach, but to share invaluable guidance provided a compass for us to discover our own Truth. A Truth not  based on the body/mind conditioning, but on our authentic, always present, non-dual Self.   Laura is an intuitive, Light Seeker…a Bodhisattva, who aspires to discover the living Truth for herself and others.  She’s a Gift and I remain grateful to have her in my life. ~Linn

I first came to Laura for counseling to heal post traumatic stress and a knee injury. She came very highly recommend and completely exceeded my expectations. Now I am happier than ever after learning meditation and mind refocusing tools! I realized that I was creating most of my suffering from listening to whatever my mind came up with.  I was going along for the ride listening to that inner voice that was always judging and berating me.  I am now consciousness of what I am choosing to give my attention to. There are still many challenges but I am now in a place where everyone and everything is constantly supporting me – even the challenges! It’s so freeing to be able to choose where I want to focus. It literally stops the story that the mind constructs; most of which never happens.  Laura’s work is really life changing!  Many blessings to all!  ~ Sam

Laura has been working with me for over 11 years and my life and well-being have been transformed through her work. It’s hard to put into words but I have found purpose and peace, especially in these trying times, and an ability to move forward with a deep ‘knowing’ that everything will turn out as it should and I will be fine. I have been inspired by Laura’s work and feel truly blessed to have her in my life.~ Barbara