Letting Go as an Act of Power

"Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on.”  Eckhart Tolle’ I love this quote because it speaks of great power that we all have within.  Sometimes the very act of hanging on causes us undue suffering.   We hang on to our opinions, judgments, ideas, stances, the … Continue reading Letting Go as an Act of Power

Finding Your “No”

Someone said to me a long time ago that you can’t have a true “yes” until you have claimed your “no.” This makes so much sense to me now but at the time I can’t say that I fully understood it.  In my childhood I was definitely a pleaser and always looked for ways not … Continue reading Finding Your “No”

The All Pervading Silence of Being

It is always present all around us, in us and in all living beings. In fact it can never not be present and that makes it incredibly easy to overlook. It is the backdrop of our lives, the screen that the movie of life is playing on, the canvas that gives life to a work … Continue reading The All Pervading Silence of Being

Don’t Worry be Happy…or not…

It sounds so simple but it can create a lot pressure to think that you should always be happy!  In fact life is full of suffering, challenges and conflict that we have to learn how to deal with and not think something is wrong when these feelings come along.   One of my teachers Amoda … Continue reading Don’t Worry be Happy…or not…

A Nudge from the Universe

We are timeless spiritual beings having a human experience and when we are born we are one with this.   As we grow up in our families and in the world we forget the truth of who we are.  It’s meant to be this way even though sometimes it can feel like a cruel joke.  … Continue reading A Nudge from the Universe