Is lasting change possible?

Will lasting change happen as a result of this pandemic? Several people have asked me this question over the last few weeks.   Everyone at every stage in life is effected and everyone is experiencing some degree of loss and sufferring.  It is this kind of challenge that spurs the deepest spiritual growth.  It is … Continue reading Is lasting change possible?

The Rise of the Feminine (and she’s pissed)

The Rise of the Feminine (and she's pissed!!!) Just kidding,  kind of... Seriously we are being thrust into a new way of being and change is happening all over the world whether we like it or not.   This is generally how major transformation must take place because few if any would willingly enter into … Continue reading The Rise of the Feminine (and she’s pissed)

Corona virus – Spiritual update

The corona virus presents all of humanity with a unique spiritual opportunity. It is very important to stay informed but also to not reach the" tipping point" where you are gripped by fear. This virus has many messages one is to stop what you are doing and become still. Unplug from your usual routine and … Continue reading Corona virus – Spiritual update