One Deep Conscious Breath

Eckhart Tolle’ reminds us to remember to take one conscious breath in order to help shift us out of an unconscious state and into the now.  It really is such a simple, profound and easy practice that can be done anywhere any time. 

“Shift into the now…”

What he is saying is take a breath and become fully present.   This means becoming aware of your inner body and how it feels.   This focus brings you powerfully into the present moment the now and quickly shifts your state.  Thinking especially ongoing or incessant thinking can be very draining and anxiety provoking so it’s great to have a tool that is so efficient.  

Here is how it works. Close your eyes and to move your attention within.  With practice you will see it’s possible to easily move your attention inside with your eyes open.  Take a deep breath and become aware of your physical body and the subtle pulsation of energy that lets you know you are alive.   I like focusing on the feeling of my lungs fully expanding with air and then on the exhale fully releasing the air.   It easy for me to notice the energy moving through my body because the breath amplifies it and my focused attention  makes it even more pronounced. 

“…sit with this awareness”

Everyone is different and some of you may have difficulty feeling the energy right away.  Don’t worry if this is the case simply become aware of the energy in your hands.  Close your eyes and notice that you are aware of having hands even when your eyes are closed and you can’t see them.  This is the feeling that I want you to pay attention to as you take a breath.   If you have time to sit with this awareness even for a minute,  by the clock, a few times in a day you will notice a  significant change in your energy.

I know it doesn’t sound like much but it’s like hitting the reset button because for one minute you unplug from whatever you are doing and simply allow yourself to be.  You will tap into the stillness that you naturally are that is always here but covered up by thinking and monkey mind.  It also  exercises and strengthens a new muscle that helps you to discern which thoughts, if any,  would you like to entertain.  You naturally move into your true position with your mind where  your mind is of service to you rather than you being of service to your mind.  

“…it’s like hitting the reset button”

The next time you are feeling bogged down try taking a deep conscious breath or two.  You may just find that inner peace and stillness is right there available to you any time.

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