Letting Go as an Act of Power

“Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on.” 

Eckhart Tolle’

I love this quote because it speaks of great power that we all have within.  Sometimes the very act of hanging on causes us undue suffering.   We hang on to our opinions, judgments, ideas, stances, the need to be right and also physical objects like paperwork, clothing and all kinds of stuff.   Our minds and homes can become cluttered because we have a hard time letting go and moving on.  It can stagnate our energy and weigh us down in ways that are not always apparent until we start to release.

To let go of these things we must have a far greater power inside of us that says, “I am not my ideas, judgments, opinions or even beliefs, I am far greater than that!”  I am not the stuff clogging up my basement and home, “I am greater than that!” I don’t have to cling to these things in order to hold onto my sense of self I will be lighter and freed up when I am able to release these things and move on. 

If I forgive someone that I thought was unforgivable I am released in the process because I no longer have to hold those negative feelings inside myself.  Forgiving facilitates a release within and has nothing to do with changing your view of unacceptable actions but has everything to do with freeing yourself from being judge and jury.  Having faith that justice eventually prevails and not everything is your responsibility.  Let yourself fall into the deeper knowing that everything happens for a reason that we may never fully understand. This recognition can be a tremendous unburdening. Know that you a playing a part in something much larger and unexplainable and are developing strength and resiliency through the process of letting go again and again. 

These days are uncertain and chaotic and we can’t rely on the outer world for stability.  We have to go within and drawn on our own inner resources and letting go is fundamental in this process.  

6 thoughts on “Letting Go as an Act of Power

  1. Thanks Laura! It’s good to remember who we aren’t thus allowing our Awareness to just be. There is really no need for us to “gift wrap” ourselves.

  2. Laura, no one expresses the Truth like you do! Thank you for this piece which enhances my life and being (Being) free.❤️

  3. Enjoyed this one Laura. It’s exactly what I have been experiencing that letting go gets easier when I realize I don’t have to be right even if I am, and it really doesn’t matter if I am or not. Things go the way they have to go b/c I’m only one little fish in a sea of other fish. Everything but everything happens because it is already predestined for my own liberation. And all I have to do is step away and depersonalize all of it….. I Loved the idea that clutter comes in all forms….de-cluttering is letting go of a whole lot of false identity….. I hope to begin some of that process this week. except I worry if throw it out, I will need it the next day. haha xox C.

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