What if…

Is healing moving from a sick state to a state of wellness?   Or perhaps it is making peace with what is.

Healing implies there is something needing to be fixed.  A person in need of healing is needing to be delivered someplace that they currently are not.  It means the sick person or an emotionally unstable person is in need of something that they don’t have naturally.  

Maybe to heal means nothing of the sort.  Are we missing the boat all together?  Maybe healing is as effortless as a flower blooming.  What if healing behaved like the ocean ebbing and flowing endlessly and freely?  What if healing is as natural as being awed by the night sky?  What if healing were one big game of Russian roulette and your destiny is already in the cards? 

What if it’s all one giant game and when we leave this planet we realize that we were just participating in one big experiment to teach our souls how to play?  What if we are all just spiritual beings who have elected to have a human experience?  

What if all of this is supposed to teach us lessons that can’t be learned any other way and when you learn what you came for its time to go?  What if dying means you’re freed to move on into a realm where polarity does not exist, there are no governments and you are free from this dense physical realm?  What if dying is as easy as taking off a heavy winter coat and letting it fall to the floor?

Is it someones destiny to get well and another to get sick and die?  Can we make new decisions that effect our destiny? 

I don’t know about you but these days have me contemplating my humanity and coming face to face with not knowing.  I don’t know the answers to these questions but I do feel in my bones that there is a power greater than me. These are the mysteries that keep me on my toes and alert! 

Part of my daily practice is to make space inside myself for the unknown and some days I’m good with this and other days, well, you know how it goes. 

Today I feel lighter and unexpectedly more liberated from this contemplation and I hope you do too.

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