Everyday Miracles

As I sit during my morning meditation I became aware of all the sounds and sensations around me. The birds chirping outside, the sound of my cat washing and her warmth against my leg. The crackle and pop of the heat switching on in my room. Feeling cozy under a heavy quilt. Somehow everything seemed so sweet and I found myself in deep awe over these everyday sights, sounds and sensations. 

I was reading an article by Dr. Christine Runyan where she suggests that we look with curiosity at the world around us and savor what we see, feel and hear. She goes on to say, “that what we notice can be as ordinary as the way the light catches the curtains. If we put some effort towards noticing that which is neutral, if we can really notice, most things even neutral things become pleasant, because they become fascinating.”

What she is suggesting is actually the practice of presence. This can be done with the eyes open or closed and all that is required is to become acutely aware of what is happening around you and taking it in as if you’re seeing, feeling or hearing it for the first time. It can be like a healing balm for your mind and your nervous system. 

Let’s face it we are all growing weary of the news and the next virus mutation, wearing masks or not wearing them, vaccinations, rules and guidelines constantly changing. Even the prospect of life opening back up can be met with some trepidation and stress. The stress can cause us to feel nervous and disconnected from our center and the ongoing effects of it can be exponential.

This little practice can be so soothing to the mind and body and is felt immediately. Viewing the world and taking it in with freshness and innocence. Yes, I’ve heard the birds outside thousands of times but taking it in anew can be so nourishing and healing.  Eckhart Tolle’ says that we immediately label everything the moment we see it allowing us to quickly put it into a category and dismiss it. He reminds us to lift these labels and take life in without them. Really take in the majesty of an amazing tree being rooted in your yard rather than passing it each day blind to its beauty. Or the incredible winged creatures we call birds that can fly anywhere they wish without hesitation. A bird, a tree, the sunlight or moonlight these are the everyday miracles if we really take the time to drink them in. How about looking around your home and noticing how its decorated or your favorite chair? We can do this with everything and when we do it can be quite spectacular!

Looking with fresh eyes feeds your soul. 

I bet you can’t guess what this is? You’ll never guess.

A piece of paper in a muddy puddle! To me it almost looks like a line drawing!

Or how about this?

Smiley face in tree trunk.

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