Living from the Heart

Our hearts are certainly complex and capable of opening and embracing the most unexpected dualities and differences. The heart will feel what it feels even when it is not convenient and doesn’t look good on paper.  It can inspire us to become better human beings when we dig deep and have the capacity to forgive … Continue reading Living from the Heart

Signs of the times

I'm driving and suddenly I notice lots of lawn signs popping up everywhere lining the streets in front of Mc Donald’s and by office buildings.  Empathy, compassion, love, healing , thank you.  Do we need to be reminded?  Have we forgotten or lost touch with our true nature because life has just been too chaotic?  Have worries, … Continue reading Signs of the times

Teachings from Nature Continue…

I often walk in the morning and am stunned by the consciousness that abounds in nature and the lessons that can be gleaned by one who is paying attention. Natures communication is subtle and usually speaks to me through my intuition. I know this because often strong feelings are inspired and when I take the … Continue reading Teachings from Nature Continue…

A sunflower taught me about overcoming adversity

I know this title may raise some eyebrows but it’s really true.  As an amateur gardener I have had the pleasure of learning many lessons from my vegetable and flower garden most  recently as a result of hurricane Isaias. (I still can’t pronounce this name!!) In Early May our town was giving out free packets of … Continue reading A sunflower taught me about overcoming adversity

One Deep Conscious Breath

Eckhart Tolle’ reminds us to remember to take one conscious breath in order to help shift us out of an unconscious state and into the now.  It really is such a simple, profound and easy practice that can be done anywhere any time.  "Shift into the now..." What he is saying is take a breath … Continue reading One Deep Conscious Breath