Everyday Miracles

As I sit during my morning meditation I became aware of all the sounds and sensations around me. The birds chirping outside, the sound of my cat washing and her warmth against my leg. The crackle and pop of the heat switching on in my room. Feeling cozy under a heavy quilt. Somehow everything seemed so … Continue reading Everyday Miracles

What if…

Is healing moving from a sick state to a state of wellness?   Or perhaps it is making peace with what is. Healing implies there is something needing to be fixed.  A person in need of healing is needing to be delivered someplace that they currently are not.  It means the sick person or an … Continue reading What if…

Can there really be an end to Karma?

“Every situation is a challenge which demands the right response.  When the response is right, the challenge is met and the problem ceases.  If the response is wrong , the challenge is not met and the problem remains unsolved.  Your unsolved problems- is what constitutes your karma.  Solve them rightly and be free.”  -Sri Nisargadatta … Continue reading Can there really be an end to Karma?

Navigating Uncertainty in the Now

This past week has certainly been like no other that I have ever witnessed or experienced. The siege on our nation’s capitol building was shocking and saddening to witness and certainly foreign to those of us that live in the US. After watching the news most of that evening I awoke the following morning feeling … Continue reading Navigating Uncertainty in the Now

Living from the Heart

Our hearts are certainly complex and capable of opening and embracing the most unexpected dualities and differences. The heart will feel what it feels even when it is not convenient and doesn’t look good on paper.  It can inspire us to become better human beings when we dig deep and have the capacity to forgive … Continue reading Living from the Heart