Don’t Worry be Happy…or not…

It sounds so simple but it can create a lot pressure to think that you should always be happy!  In fact life is full of suffering, challenges and conflict that we have to learn how to deal with and not think something is wrong when these feelings come along.  

One of my teachers Amoda Maa says we have to accept the messiness of life.  I love this!!  Life is never going to line up with our view of how it should be and when we truly and deeply accept this truth it can be very freeing.  I’m not saying condone things that you feel are horribly wrong but resisting what is happening is also a pointless misuse of energy.  Resisting can cause stress and even more unhappiness.  Where did we ever get the idea that we should always be bright and cheerful?  This mistaken idea can actually contribute greatly to our suffering. 

Sometimes, however, accepting what feels unacceptable can feel like an insurmountable challenge.  There is one question to ask yourself.  Is there something in my power that I can do about this?  If there is then take the action that you feel is appropriate. If there isn’t then you have to accept that this is the world we live in and both the beautiful and ugly coexist side by side.  We have to choose consciously how we wish to be in this imperfect world.  Am I going to let it get the best of me or am I going to learn how to navigate and stay open to it all? Allowing all my feelings to flow freely through me to the best of my ability.  It doesn’t work anyway to try and shut them down or protect against them and only serves to block us physically and energetically.  

I’m not making light of serious physical or emotional abuse when the feelings are strong and destabilizing.  It’s still important not to deny them but working with someone to help you face these things can make all the difference. 

Life is meant to challenge us and force us to grow in ways we would never willingly choose.  When we are forced by circumstance to open to a new way, something outside our comfort zone, it could just be the doorway to liberation that we have stumbled on.  So try not to label your your feelings as either good or bad, acceptable or unacceptable, happy or sad.   Welcome them all. 

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  1. NamahShivaya Laura, just read this now, and boy, did I really need to read this today. Love you.

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