You are More Powerful than You Know…

I’m going to write a little bit about how energy works so for those of you new to energy and how it operates I am going to ask you to contemplate some of the ideas that I talk about in this blog.

Energy follows thought.  This one is pretty basic and it is in operation all the time.  We all use it whenever we want to manifest something in our lives.  For example when you are buying a new car it all starts with an initial thought and from there you move through a process until ultimately you end up with the car of your choosing.  It also works when we don’t want it to when we have negative thoughts that we feed through our attention.  This can also create an opposing energy and slow down the things we do want to manifest in our lives. 

Higher vibrations automatically consume lower ones.  What does this mean?  It means that the energy of love, compassion, empathy and gratitude overpower the energy of fear, hate, judgment, division and so on.  These are some of the highest vibrations that human beings have access to and when we are focused in this way the lower frequencies cannot survive or come to you.  Try it out and you will see what I mean.  It can’t be conjured or fake though it has to be the real deal.  Think about your child being born and that feeling of unconditional love that you felt.  This is the vibration that I am referring to.  When you feel it nothing can diminish it.   If the child is in danger you jump into action even if your own life could be threatened.  This is the power of the vibration of love and this is just one example.

These two energy principles alone are enough for the purposes of what I would like to share with you today.  It is imperative that we shift our attention and our thoughts away from the fear driven news of the day and into what we wish to see manifest on the planet now.  I for one do not want to dwell in news that puts me in a state of ongoing fear.  I have had enough for a life time.  Maybe you have too?  If so then you are ready to unplug from the lower vibrational energy and plug into the higher energies that are always available to you.  It’s not as hard as you might think.  

Simply coming into the present is one quick and easy way that Eckhart Tolle’ talks about all the time.  It is simple to do and most of the time it is enjoyable.  Think about it.  Most of the time not much is happening to us in the present moment.  Except when there is a crisis or emergency and then we have to deal with it in the present anyway so its the perfect place to hang out.  Another great place to practice presence is in nature or even with one special tree or plant.  Being fully present in or with nature can be instantly refreshing, restful and beautiful.  In those moments worries and fears do not exist.  It does take practice to eclipse your fears and worries with presence but it’s totally worth doing and you will reap the benefits very quickly.  Let me be clear I’m not saying to ignore danger or an imminent threat. I’m saying  be aware of negative thoughts and be sure that it is something you can deal with now.  If it’s not then no amount of thought or worry will be helpful and in fact will quickly sap you of energy.

Another easy way to raise your vibration is to focus on someone or something that you love unconditionally.  Like a child, a beloved pet or something that inspires awe.  Feel what this feels like in your body and focus on it and it will expand throughout your entire being.  This is not a Pollyanna principle its actually how energy works so you might as well use it to your advantage.  These are just two examples but there are so many more.  Listening to beautiful music, being grateful, cultivating compassion, being of help to someone who needs it.   I could go on and on but I think you get the idea. If you are feeling too burdened or bogged down to focus yourself this way don’t worry, it happens. The sooner you become aware the greater your opportunity is to show yourself some love and acceptance and this yet another way to vibrate higher.

I know that many of your don’t realize how much inherent power these small practices have. You will effect the people around you and even impact the planet for the better. Your vibration creates a ripple effect that goes out into the world and those ripples help to neutralize the negative low frequency energy that is all around us.  This is needed now more than ever!! 

We have a tremendous opportunity to transform and evolve to higher levels of consciousness but we need all hands on deck and you are playing a critical role. 

Shine your light brighter than ever. 

6 thoughts on “You are More Powerful than You Know…

  1. Thank you Laura, a timely reminder today, which is Less Independence Day on July 4th in 2022. There are important rights eroding on our watch, and yet the tree still stands, reaching for sun. The tides are coming and going. It is beautiful to be in nature and know it will find a way to persevere, as it has done through millennia.

    • Hi Kristin I know it is so tremendously discouraging what is happening right now in our country. We ultimately have to have faith in human consciousness that will never be defeated or overturned. It feels like we are in a very dark time so it’s even more important to take care of yourself, unplug and allow yourself to rest and restore. ❤️

  2. This message came to me as an confirmation that I am on the right track doing and being the higher/deeper/holistic version of my self. I value what you send out, Laura, and I’m happy that I still have my connection to you!!♥️😁🙏

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