A Nudge from the Universe

We are timeless spiritual beings having a human experience and when we are born we are one with this.   As we grow up in our families and in the world we forget the truth of who we are.  It’s meant to be this way even though sometimes it can feel like a cruel joke.  We all always have the potential to recognize our true essence.   If you look at infants and babies it is easy to see and feel their purity and oneness with the truth. Nothing is yet obstructing it and it’s why everyone loves babies so much!

I know the word spiritual can even cause confusion.  Like spiritual people are the only ones who have access to this profound and powerful truth.  This is simply not true.  Simply put spiritual seekers often live consciously to embrace and know who they are but everyone is on the same road so to speak whether they know it or not.  It’s kind of funny like that. One thing is for sure, being conscious and open does amplify the power of your essence and your path forward.

In case you hadn’t noticed I use essence and truth interchangeably but there are many ways to refer to what I’m speaking about ~ divine essence, truth of who you are, your center, true self, source, God-self, life force and so on.  Words are inadequate when it comes to describing what I am sharing with you and words can only point you in the general direction. It’s similar to seeing a road sign with the name of a town on it. You can read the name but you can only know the town by going there and experiencing it. Life is full of pointers that our mind understands are sign posts indicating what direction to go in.  If you want ice cream don’t follow a sign that sends you to a liquor store.  Knowledge of something is helpful but when it’s discovered in an experiential way then it is transformational, life altering and unforgettable.  It’s why so many people can talk about something for a long time in therapy but suddenly the penny drops when they experience the changes in their life.  

So where am I going with this…it’s time to awaken!!  Maybe you’ve heard?  Why do I say this?  Because it’s part of human evolution.  Evolution continues not in terms of our outer appearance anymore but on the inner.  Our consciousness itself evolves and we have the potential to become more wise, compassionate and loving humans.  Not through trying harder to be a better person; these qualities arise naturally from being seated in the truth.  Evolution can’t be stopped we can only either grab ahold of it consciously or be knocked around until we wake up to the truth.  We’ve been getting  knocked pretty hard lately and a lot of people have begun looking inside, growing quickly and awakening as a result.  

If you feel intrigued by what I’m speaking of please feel free to reach out to me and I can point you in the right direction to the best of my ability.  These are definitely exciting times we are living in with tremendous opportunity to make this discovery for yourself. 

Are you being nudged by the universe?  You are now!!

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