What you Resist Persists

What to do with strong emotions and feelings that feel like they take you over and disrupt your peace?

Our instinctual response is to try to get the uncomfortable feeling to go away or stop as soon as possible.  We try to push them away, suppress and otherwise distract ourselves from our feelings. Addictions of all kinds are also often connected to suppression of feelings. 

This approach actually works in the opposite way in which it is intended.  Our feelings seem to intensify and gain strength when they are resisted  because they are fueled by the very energy we use to resist them.  In case you haven’t noticed it takes a lot to hold back a strong feeling that is trying to arise.

Instead try something a little different and allow the feelings to be there and even invite them to wash over you and to fully feel them.  They really can’t hurt you.  They can be uncomfortable but they do more harm when they are suppressed and not allowed to come up and be fully felt. In fact it is well known that ongoing suppression can be a very unhealthy way to live effecting us emotionally first and then if that outlet is shut down it can manifest as an array of physical symptoms from back pain to headaches.  Of course, not everyone is effected the same way but you can be sure if you are holding something in you are paying some price either energetically, physically or emotionally.   

Many times I hear people saying they are afraid of what will come out if they really let it be there.  Do not believe this thought it is meant to keep you stuck and unable to move forward.  The ego and mind simply wants to maintain the status quo and help you to survive and if that means staying stuck forever than so be it.  Fortunately these feelings will persist until felt and understood or until whatever needs to be learned is learned.  So if something is to scary  then I recommend that you seek help so that you can finally fully witness and allow these feelings to move all the way through you.  This will free you and energize you to move forward in your life.

“If you want to be free of energies, you must allow them to pass though you instead of hiding them inside”

-Michael Singer                                                                                                                                                –  from the book “The Untethered Soul”


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